Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fear Falls Burning - The Carnival Of Ourselves (2006)

vidnaobmana is dead, long live fear falls burning - or some such. after twenty or so years dirk serries, the man behind vidnaobmana, want to break away from the strict confinement of vidnaobmana and the ambient world it was part of, and return to simplicity of making live music. i assume he already had much of the gear he now uses, guitar and sound effects, but he now just plays his things live. tinkling on the guitar, feeding it through his bunch of sound effects and record it all. that simple? yes indeed, that simple. that is what dirk serries now does as fear falls burning, and so far he produced a cd, a double cd and now a highly limited lp on a new imprint of the dutch tonefloat label. the music of fear falls burning has connections to the world of post-rock, a particular area of post-rock, that of slowly moving sounds - no drums (although that would be an interesting thing to investigate for fear falls burning). a highly ambient form of post-rock. both sides have just one long piece. the one on side a starts out with mere tinkling, and over the course piece slightly atonal resonances are dropped in, which work their bit on the background, and once all the elements are in place things slowly built in power and crescendo. maybe the quick fade out at the end is a pity. the piece on the other side is more on one level. all the elements are in place from the beginning and modulations take place in the various sounds, sometimes fading in a bit more of one or the other, but it's throughout a solemn piece of music. this is the better piece of the two. slowly meandering about, like a walk in a rain covered forest on a cloudy autumn day. so far the best thing i heard from fear falls burning!

A I (18:42)
B II (19:16)

No more download due a kind request from Charles (crazy-diamond & tonefloat).

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