Friday, February 27, 2009

Area - Radio Caroline (1987)

Area is Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne, and Steve Jones. Radio Caroline is a set of modern angst with sparse instrumentation and dark timbres. Canfield is an exceptional torch singer. Her expressive vocals dominate the soundscapes and, thus, the entire CD. The atmospheres support her husky and breathy voice quite effectively. While Frayne and Jones are accomplished musicians, Canfield is the real attraction here. She is a serious talent and belongs in the same league as Martha Davis, Eda Maxym, Hannah Reimann, Mary Deschamps, and the other great torch singers of the new millennium.

1 This One (3:29)
2 Head Above Water (3:34)
3 Sweet Revenge (5:40)
4 Michael Writes His Parents (4:26)
5 One Desire (3:12)
6 Transmitter (3:36)
7 Resistance (3:28)
8 Long Faces (3:50)
9 After The End (4:12)
10 Crystal (4:02)
11 Higher Than Heaven (5:47)
12 Sincerely Charlotte (3:44)
13 Parachute (3:18)

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